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Announcing The MPD Doll Artist Grant

We have finally done it! We've raised enough money through Patreon to give out our first Doll Artist Grant. If you want to be a part of this initiative, you can check out my Patreon here:

That being said, our first grant to a Doll Artist will be for $500! I'm so happy that we are able to offer this to a deserving doll artist. Examples of things the grant could be used for are building a website, purchasing software, purchasing supplies, shipping costs from the caster, etc.

Now for the details and requirements. To apply for the Grant, the artist can fill out the application form here:


The artist must clearly state their plans for the funds, and the plans should be valid (for example, I want to build a website for my brand with the money).

  1. The artist must have a well-documented doll creation journey through some sort of sharing site, whether it be Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, etc. People tend to not like this rule, but if we are giving money away, we want to have full visibility on who is receiving the money and we want to know they are legit.

  2. The artist should show a legitimate intent to bring the doll to market at some point.

  3. There should be some level of community interest in the doll, for example, people are following your social media accounts and engaging with your posts.

  4. The artist should exhibit a real commitment to doll making and the hobby.

  5. The artist must not have released more than 2 dolls in the past (OOAK dolls do not count, I'm talking 2 preorders with editions of more than 1).

A copy of the Rubric which will be used to help choose the winner can be found here:


Once the doll is complete, artist may opt to send a sample doll to me for promotion on my channel and across my social media accounts. Once the promotion period has finished, I can mail the doll back to the artist, or purchase the doll from the artist if they allow. I would also love to do a Zoom interview with the winning artist once the doll is ready, although this is purely optional.

Please *share* this news with your artist friends! Deadline for submitting applications is July 31st, 2021, and a winner will be chosen and announced on my YouTube channel on August 10th.

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