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Minifee Maya

A new Minifee has joined my crew! Her name is Maya and I purchased the full set Valkyrie doll from Denver Doll Emporium. The reason I decided to go with the full set doll is because I really wanted a new Minifee, but the wait to get one was a few months. I decided to buy the full set, and then split off the pieces of the full set. People often do this with Minifee full sets, as some people want the clothing pieces, while other people just want the doll (like me).

This is a promotional picture of her from Fairyland's website. All of the tiny pieces are very well made, and they're really beautiful to look at.

Here is a picture of her as I have her re-dressed and re-wigged. I think I want to get her a different wig, but this one looks really nice on her for now. I also did a YouTube unboxing video, which you can check out here.

Do you have any Minifees in your collection? I really enjoy them, and they are lots of fun to dress. Maya is my second Minifee, but she probably won't be my last. Thanks for stopping by!


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