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New to the Archives: Tonner Déjà Vu Catalog from 2015

Fresh to the Archives today is a copy of Robert Tonner's Déjà Vu catalog from 2015. When these dolls first came out, I remember falling absolutely in love with them, and thinking what an awesome concept they were. As you look through the pages of this catalog, I think you'll feel the same way.

There was something so special about these dolls, and about Tonner's dolls in general. I am SO glad I was able to attend one of his doll events before they ceased to be a thing. At the time when I had just become financially able to collect his dolls, and in general do any doll related things, I attended his Salute To Gone With The Wind in Atlanta, which you can read about on my old blog, here (I still have not decided whether to archive the old blog or to bring it over to this new platform). I was able to meet him at that time, and still wish I had been able to attend one of the longer Tonner Conventions.

That being said, I still have many of his gorgeous creations in my collection. But I have discovered something dangerous about working on these Archives: Now I want a Déjà Vu doll LOL! I had an Emma Jean at one time, but the problem was I bought a basic doll, and never purchased any clothing to go with her. I eventually ended up selling her because of this. Here she was:

I think now though, I'll be on the hunt to permanently add one of these gorgeous babes to my collection. Maybe this one?

Do you have any Robert Tonner dolls in your collection, or fond memories about his dolls? Let me know in a comment below, and I hope you'll enjoy the catalog!

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