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Sasha Doll Leaflet No. 14 Issue 1 From December 1976

Today, another addition has been made to the Archives: a Sasha doll leaflet from December 1976. I don't have a lot of Sasha knowledge myself, but I know there are devoted Sasha collectors all over the world. I got this leaflet from a lot of doll items I bought from a Doll Doctor that had retired, and had a few interesting pieces in the collection.

The leaflet shows several fashions, and even gives a brief history of Sasha dolls.

In my personal collection, I have two of these gorgeous dolls. One is a Sasha that has the dreaded "falling hair", so I am careful not to brush or style it too much. She actually needs a good bit of TLC, which I have not taken the time to provide as of yet. I also have a wonderful Cora doll, that was dressed and gifted to me by my dear friend Diana. We attended the Richmond Doll and Teddy Show, and I had Cora on my mind. I wasn't able to find one, but a few months later, she presented me with this beauty and I just love her!

There have been a couple of other Sasha dolls that visited briefly at my house, but these two are here to stay. I love their sweet faces, and think having a Sasha or two is a great addition to any collection.

Do you have any Sasha dolls in your collection? Let me know in the comments below!

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js_harper, that would be great! I think the more the merrier on this site. I feel like I know the basic information about Sasha, and I just love the beauty they bring :)


I used to have several Sashas but am now down to 3 Sasha's, 1 Gregor, and I think 3 Sasha babies. I also have some pamphlets I will dig out and see if I have any you don't? And Yes...I have always loved Sasha and at one time i Knew quite a bit about their history....but never an expert.

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